International gathering for the fans of



10-12.8.2018 (Facebook event)


Helsinki, Finland
Golden Stage Kaisaniemi, Kaisaniemen puistokuja 6, Helsinki

Venue info

The event will be held right in the middle of Helsinki city. There are plenty of good hotels and restaurants in the close neighbourhood. Traveling to Helsinki is easy. The venue is really unique and atmospheric - it fits really well to HeepVention and we are going to have a great time enjoying good music and company of other fans.

You can book your flights and hotels from any common service like Momondo, etc. The venue is located only a 10 minutes walk from Helsinki railway station.

From Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you can take a train to Helsinki centre. The travel lasts about half an hour

Detailed travel information

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High quality T-shirts and mugs are available at the event


Friday 10.8 Saturday 11.8 Sunday 12.8
18.00 Knights of The Black Ox Cancelled

19.00 Natasha Jane Julian

21.00 Hard Rockin' Group

22.30 The Innocent Victims

15.00 Musical workshops
(Admission fee 20 e)

17.30 Jam session

19.00 Deep Heep Wizard

21.00 Paul Newton

22.30 Circle of Hands
12.00 Goodbye party

Living The Dream album pre-listen

Acoustic music by Duo Pii-Atomi

Phil Baker will host the jam sessions and he is also performing with Natasha Jane Julian and Paul Newton.

Musical workshops about singing, playing and songwriting will be held by professional musicians Phil Baker and Natasha Jane Julian. The admission fee to the musical workshop is 20 EUR.

Jam sessions signup

Welcome to the jam session! If you want to participate, please fill in the songs and instruments you'd like to play in the jam session.


Ticket type Price
Whole weekend 40 EUR
Friday 20 EUR
Saturday 25 EUR
Sunday Free of charge

Tickets are now available at Tiketti!


General arrangements : Uriah Heep Suomi Finland

Programme arrangements, musicians' contact : Tomi Korpela